Our mission is to offer high quality products and make them reach wherever they may satisfy a need. In order to comply with this objective our firm needs to be in constant movement. We work, improve, research and develop in order to move forward every day. Our growth follows a double path, on one side towards the exterior, reaching four continents through China and on the other side, internally, increasing constantly our product portfolio.


Our presence in several continents, vast experience and constant desire for innovation give us a global view of our firm and of the environment around us. This global market in which we live is under constant expansion and development; it is here, in this context, in which UNYKAch, a leading brand, works just as anyone else in order to ease the work of other organizations and firms from any background with our technological solutions


We offer a double added value. One on side, our versatility when it comes to reaching out to clients: we deal directly with the informatics distribution channel while opening new distribution channels within the retail sector. On the other side, our two headquarters, one in Spain (Europe) and one in China (Asia) which are the starting points for the products distribution all over the world. Thanks to this flexibility we provide velocity and efficacy in the management of our deliveries.

We have a wide range of products in the sector of computing

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