UNYKAch is the brand of computer products and components of COLORSit. It has more than 20 years of history in this sector, always linked to the professionalism and know-how of the human team that makes up COLORS IT.

UNYKAch is a brand specialized in chassis and power supplies. With a factory in China and the know-how of highly qualified personnel, UNYKAch has become a benchmark for the distribution channel of the IT sector. And not only for that, but also it is necessary to emphasize that UNYKAch is a brand that pays special attention to the quality of its products, adapting itself to the changing needs of a highly unstable market.

That is why UNYKAch’s product portfolio is so heterogeneous, always emphasizing quality and competitiveness.

Under the brand UNYKAch we have chassis in format from ATX to Mini ITX, a wide range of certified power supplies, products oriented to the Gaming sector and also product aimed at the professional and retail sector such as Rack chassis or POS printers.

These last two are one of the big bets of UNYKAch in recent years.

On the one hand, it covers the needs of an upward market, such as Gaming, with quality products at competitive prices, but also always with the aesthetics sought by specialized users.

On the other hand, the product aimed at the professional sector, a sector in constant growth and where quality standards are highly valued.

Undoubtedly, UNYKAch is a reference brand for professionals in the distribution channel, not only for the quality and competitiveness of its products, but also for the figures that make it up and for the collaboration that, during its long history, they have maintained. That is why at UNYKAch we like to say that we make our collaborators easy and help them to improve their business and grow if we go hand in hand.