UNYKAch, under the slogan Make it easy for you, is the brand of IT consumer products of COLORS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPAIN, SLU. The company has more than 20 years of experience to guarantee the professionalism and the know-how from the expert team to compose and manage the brand.

Since then, UNYKAch has become an influential brand of the distribution channel in the computer sector, due to the special emphasis it places on the quality of its products and the fast adaptation to the continuous changing in the needs of a highly developing market

The objectives of the brand are, on the one side, to meet the needs of an upward market, such as Gaming, by providing with quality products at competitive prices. And, on the other side, to manufacture products aimed at the professional sector, a constantly growing sector where quality standards are highly valued.

Undoubtedly, UNYKAch is a distinct brand among the professionals of the distribution channel, not only for what has been expressed above, but also by giving the respect to our commercial partners whom together constitute it and the cooperation that, during their successful career, they have been maintaining.

This is why UNYKAch makes it “easy” for its cooperators and together we make the business improving and growing.


CRPS 800W 92% Efficiency

Power supply can be connected both hot and redundant, besides it has an efficiency of 92%.

UK 1003

The model 1003 is a case with Mini ITX format, which stands out for its compact design (2 liters), sober and totally black.


The best components for the most demanding customers.


The KB 302 keyboard is an ultra flat 83-key keyboard.